A Dog’s View: Tip 2 – The Wagging Dog

 snow1 HI, my name is Snow! Did you peek at my photo and wonder how I got that name?   You are not alone. Several people ask the same question. Let me explain. I am a “cool” dog who loves to “chill” on a warm day with the great staff members and volunteers who care for me.   My story began with animal control. They found me wandering the streets. The moment I saw the workers in uniform headed my way, I “breezed” on down the road to the safety of a backyard. I thought I was safe from capture until the homeowners denied knowing me. I won’t tell you whether they were honest at the time, because I decided to “let it go”. I’ve since met compassionate people who have taught me well. I walk like a queen, know how to sit and I even wait patiently for a treat. Since the great people at the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter in Wantagh have taught me many wonderful things, I thought I would pay it forward an share an animal tip with you.   My trainer Laura taught my handlers and me this tip during our last buddy class. Enjoy Tip 2 – The Wagging Dog.

 Tip #2

Did you know… that a wagging dog is not necessarily a happy dog?  There are all types and tempos of wags.  A wide, lolling wag is a happy invitation, a “come hither” signal.  But a high, stiff wagging tail that is flagged, which means that it’s curved in the direction of the dog’s head, is not meant to express invitation at all.  In fact, it’s what’s called a distance-increasing signal among dog experts. 

Of course, different breeds have different tail carriage, and even within a breed there is individual variation.  Shiba Inus have high, curly tails, and German Shepherds tend to carry their tails quite low.  Some breeds, like Australian Shepherds and Rottweilers, don’t even have tails and that can make it tricky for humans and even for other dogs to read a dog’s intention!


I hope you enjoyed my Blog post. If you or a friend is looking to adopt a pet, I hope you will visit the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter in Wantagh for your new four-legged family member. Do me a favor and let the staff know that Snow sent you.


snowAbout the author: Snow is a two-year old Hound mix with a beautiful brindle coat. She is vet checked and up-to-date on vaccinations. This girl is sprayed and a great addition to any family with older children.   Snow waits in the front hallway of the shelter for someone to finally notice her.




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