A Dog’s View – Tip # 1: The Growling Dog

acis11Hi, my name is Acis. I would love to have a family of my own, but currently live in the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter. While my friends and I wait for our forever family to rescue us, we decided to take a tip from a great show on the Disney Channel and start our own Blog. We strive to help pet owners and perspective pet owners understand their four-legged family members a little better. I am thrilled to provide Tip #1.

 The Growling Dog:

 Most people view a growling dog as vicious and often think poorly of the animal. What they don’t realize is a dog who growls is actually a great communicator.   How many times have you told your pet to lie down and leave you alone? I’m sure once or twice you’ve asked your children or spouse to give you space because you are stressed out.

Dogs don’t have the ability to express their emotions with words. Often, we will return to our bed or move away from a stressful situation. When scary parties continue to engage a frightened dog, a good communicator will growl. This act is the dog’s way of begging people to leave him/her alone. He’s expressing feelings of stress or fear.

So the next time you encounter a growling dog, dismiss those negative thoughts. Instead, give the dog her space and remind yourself that this dog possesses the gift of communicating with human friends.

acis6About the author: Acis is a Dutch Shepard/Terrier,  Pit Bull mix.  This handsome brindle boy is up-to-date on his vaccinations and tested heartworm negative.  He is happy to share his food, treats and toys.  Acis walks well and loves to stretch out on the grass and watch the world go by. This fantastic dog craves companionship. You will never feel alone in the world with him by your side. You can meet Acis at the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter in Wantagh.


Adopt Your Next Pet From An Animal Shelter

Summer is the season most of us look ahead to all year long.  Alas, for shelter staff and their four-legged occupants, summertime is the scariest time of year.  For some reason, the highest percentage of animal surrenders takes place during June, July and August. Once again, animal shelters have reached capacity.  When available space runs out, there are merely two alternatives to make room: Adoption/foster or death.  To avoid the latter alternative, I am listing a few of the wonderful dogs at the shelter.  

If your family is considering adoption, or you know someone eager to welcome a dog into their home, please consider adopting or fostering an animal from the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter.  The shelter is located at 3320 Beltagh Avenue, Wantagh, New York.   To read more about the shelter and the animals available for adoption, please check out their web site at http://toh.li/animal-shelter.

In addition to the dogs featured in the above photo section, please read past blog postings written by some of our best friends. Adopting an animal from a shelter saves the life of a dog and brings happiness to your home.  Please visit the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter this weekend.  Kindly share this post with your family and friends.  Did I mention that the animal shelter is waiving adoption fees?  It’s true. For a short time, adoptions are free.

Author Spotlight: Dave Freeman’s Anti-Bullying Book

I am delighted to introduce you to Dave Freeman, the Author of the Mushroom Tales Children’s Pictures Books.


 Mushroom Tales – Volume 2: “Bullies!”

Subtitled: “Where do they come from and how long will they stay.”

“A Bully can seem like a monster or just a mad kid with nothing to do.

For reasons unknown they are angry and they seem to like picking on you.”


I am thrilled to discover your books. Please tell us a little bit about Mushroom Tales – Volume 2: “Bullies!”

Most recently, we have released this new Tale in English, while we work on the bilingual (Spanish + English) and DVD versions:

Bullies!” is the second in our series of motivational Children’s Picture Books, in rhyming verse, with colorful, comical Mushroom characters. Each Mushroom Tale consists of a short story that will serve as a conversation starter between our young Mushroom Readers and their Parents. Our main character and narrator, Maximus Mushroom describes our Tales this way:

“Learning to read is exciting.

Sharing time and a laugh is great fun!


Mushroom Tales share a verse with a message,

That will last when the lesson is done.”

Max’s voice resembles Alvin or one of his chipmunk brothers and will be heard in the Audio, DVD, Downloadable file versions and currently in our YouTube Trailer. (http://youtu.be/Z72JkDFjdR4).

Our goal is to dedicate our books to influence young readers with what we call the Three L’s of Mushroom Tales….To Love, To Laugh & To Learn.

Where did you get the inspiration for this book?

Mushroom Tales, available on Amazon.com, are a family affair. My wife Connie (Maria Consuelo) is the Artist who, while living in Colombia, South America had a dream and an idea, having something to do with cute Mushroom Characters. Fifteen years later, give or take a week, Connie and I met and married (not in the same week), which makes me a Gringo with a Colombian connection, possibly a “Colom-Bingo”.

A year ago, Connie asked me to create a story to bring her Mushroom characters to life. “You mean a Mushroom Tale?” I asked and the rest is an obsession that I hope will never end.

 Connie’s experience confirms the rule: Authors should keep a pad and paper close by to write down dreams and ideas. How did you begin your writing career?

I don’t recall the beginning of my love affair with writing. I can only remember that once I joined the real world, in a professional capacity, I was always drawn to and selected for writing assignments. I was asked to write resumes, radio commercials, complaint letters and even letters to turn an angry client from antagonist to a proponent. I enjoyed the challenge and to my great pleasure continued to hit the bull’s eye on many assignments. That gratifying feeling of connecting individuals and solving problems is my major motivations as a writer.

It’s not uncommon to hear quite sincerely, “Wow, that’s excellent!…..Can I see the short version?” My biggest challenge is a variation of the KISS principle, “Keep It Somewhat Short”. (We’re not allowed to say “stupid” in our house, unless it’s talking about why we don’t use the word “stupid” in our house).

I have a tendency to be a trifle verbose, in my writing, due to the fact that it allows me to use words that would never pass my lips in normal Construction Manager conversations, words like “trifle” and “verbose”, for example.

I sometimes even have difficulty answering short questions with one sentence answers. I am pleased to announce that by transitioning to the writing of SHORT, motivational Children’s Books, I have now gone to the other extreme. I have actually written a series of books in rhyming verse, which following a non-scientific public survey, have been determined to be TOO SHORT.   I can fix that.

That last response had me laughing.  Readers love following their favorite authors, which social networking sites can fans find you? Please provide links.

Would you please share an odd behavior you’ve picked up while writing? (An example: during intense scenes, my fingers pound the keyboard.)

I’m told that I have a good “radio voice” (last tested as a DJ in the 60’s), but when I am reading my stories out loud to listen to the meter, rhythm and rhyme, the only voice that comes out is Maximus Mushroom. We will be introducing a new character, soon, Max’s friend Millennium Mushroom. Millie will have just a hint of a Spanish accent….Colombian, I think. We’ll see if Connie’s reading habits change with this new addition.

I would love to hear you read your writing aloud in that voice. Did you conduct any kind of research in order to write this book?

To be honest, our first 12 volumes of Mushroom Tales came from my experiences in a perfect “Ozzie & Harriet” childhood in Portland, Oregon. When I took charge of my life in young adulthood, life seemed to get much more complicated. My writing is a combination of the wonderful childhood and scary, goofy, real world adult experiences that have shaped my character. Now, the next series of Tales will deal with an area that is much more challenging and an area that I am researching through connections with Psychologists, Medical Professionals, Teachers and Librarians, to name a few. This condition that affects millions of individuals is called “Autistic Spectrum Disorder” (A.S. D.).

Are you working on new projects?

Our objective is to create a style of book that will capture the imagination and attention of children within the Autism Spectrum. Certainly of equal importance in our goal is to create lessons that help “less challenged” kids and their families and friends to be more compassionate, caring and considerate. “Inclusion” is our key word and we dedicate our next series to that end. My immediate plan is to continue and expand our research by reaching out to professionals and affected families in a Blog. This will, hopefully, start a conversation and the sharing of experiences, observations, questions and proven solutions. Now that I know how to spell Blog, all I need to do is figure out how to turn it on. The self- education process continues.

I already know your book is part of a series. Please describe the series for readers?

We began with stories of importance to our young readers, one subject per book. They include:

  • “Rules of Gold” (about the Golden Rule)
  • “Bullies” (about Bully Solutions)
  • “How to win a race” (about personal motivation)
  • “Your Smile! What’s it for?” (about personal interaction)
  • “Single Moms Rock! Lessons from a child” (about single parent families)
  • “Be Positive. You are what you think” (Think Positive)
  • “The Troll and the New Kid” (about prejudice)
  • “Where do Friends come from?” (about..you know)
  • “Good thoughts, why bother?” (shows that thoughts have meaning)
  • “Good Morning Choices” (shows that you can choose your path daily)
  • “You are Special” (shows the reader that they have value as a person)
  • “Be the one!” (Be like One, not the Other..you choose)

Please share an interesting fact about yourself (other than writing).

 With an Irish heritage, it might surprise you to know that at the age of 39-ish I spoke no Spanish. Fast forward, 20+ years and I have a website called “Ayúdame Gringo”, which means ‘Help me Gringo”. I translate documents, resumes, etc. from Spanish to English and write persuasive letters for Spanish only speaking clients with English only speaking antagonists.

It’s often fun to see the faces of individuals hearing me speak in Spanish for the first time. I often get one of those “What’s wrong with this picture” double takes. Especially when my new friends have been speaking Spanish and they quickly do a mental rewind of the conversation to remember if they accidently insulted the Gringo. (¡No problema!)

 Me encanta! Is there anything else you would like to say to your readers?

Our goal is to share our sincere respect for all people, young and old. We will continue to dissect our daily experiences to identify the good parts and the teaching moments. We hope that you enjoy our positive approach to life and that we may bring a smile to you and your children, while helping parents and mentors to connect with those children with a positive and motivational message.

We are always seeking new story ideas and even sensitive subjects that could use the help from a loveable Mushroom character, to help open a conversation and to bring families and friends closer together.

We promise to remember the goal of Mushroom Tales is to teach our children:

Thank you Dave and Connie Freeman for this wonderful series. I am a firm believer that children, who learn how to deal with bully behavior at an early age, will successfully overcome the issue when faced with it later.



For more on Dave Freeman and his books, please visit www.farmingdale.patch.com and click on Author Interviews by Katie McKnight. Would you like to have your book featured on my blogs? You may contact me at www.katie-mcknight-author.com or through Facebook at www.facebook.com/katiemcknightauthorpage.


Sonnet O’Dell


Please welcome my fellow Eternal Press author, Sonnet O’Dell, into the Author’s Spotlight. I am thrilled to introduce you to Sonnet and to provide a sneak peek into the August release of her novel, Whispers in a Dead Man’s Ear.



Short Synopsis:

Doctor Kale Swanson is the only vampire psychiatrist in a small town. Usually he spends his nights listening to the undead’s problems, but recently branched out to human clients. Pamela is a woman who is cagey about her past and Kale finds himself drawn to her despite a strict belief in a platonic doctor/patient relationship. When two men burst into his office looking for her, Kale throws himself into protecting and claiming Pamela as his own by doing the one thing he swore never to – get involved.

O'Dell_Author Image

Author Bio:

Sonnet was born at the John Radcliffe in Oxford and spent the first six years of her life living in the town of Abingdon, close to both her grandparents and most of the rest of her family. She moved after that to Cornwall for three years and then to Devon for another three before moving to where she has lived for the last fourteen or so years. Sonnet now lives in Worcester, Worcestershire, famous for Lea & Perrin’s Sauce and as the site of the last battle of the Civil War. Sonnet has had a passion for the written word from a very young age and enjoys nothing more than to read a good book.

Links to Sonnet O’Dell and her work:



https://www.facebook.com/…/Sonnet-ODell…/127559694006921 –  giving away a free eBook to likes #225, #250, #275, #300, #315 etc.



Other books by Sonnet O’Dell:

Maternal Bones

Intimate Invasions (available September 2014)


Join us tomorrow for Sonnet’s interview. The interview will post the evening of May 30, 2014 at www.farmingdale.patch.com.


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Danielle Rose-West Steps into the Author Spotlight



Book Synopsis

How can Fairy Godmothers help their charges find love in the modern world when nobody believes in magic anymore? Simple, they run a dating agency!

Rhys Spencer is determined to prevent his rich father from shutting down the charity he set up for kids in gangs, but he needs the money from a trust fund to do it. However, his grandmother has withheld the funds until he proves himself to be a mature, responsible person. To her mind, that means Rhys being in a serious relationship. Rhys turns to the Fairy Tale Match to find a woman he can use as a fake girlfriend. He will do all it takes to claim the money that will thwart his father’s selfish plans. The feisty woman the agency sets him up with, will not stand in his way.

Taylor Shore has more complications in her life than anyone should have to deal with. Guardian to her two half-siblings since their parents’ deaths, she has her hands full with their constant troublemaking. The last thing she needs is to win the prize in a dating agency competition she never entered. Furious to find her friend entered for her, Taylor is determined to send her prize packing. The guy that turns up to stay with her for three weeks, however, has other plans in mind. Refusing to be ordered from her house, the arrogant man offers her a deal she’d be a fool to refuse.

As Rhys inserts himself into Taylor’s problems, he begins to turn her life around. The angry fireworks between them gives way to a passionate love. Just as they find happiness, a vicious lie told by Taylor’s sister breaks them apart. Flo and Lotta have their work cut out for them to bring Rhys and Taylor back together. Time is against them and tragedy lurks on the horizon. Can Flo and Lotta save the day, or will Rhys and Taylor lose the precious love they have found forever….


Meet the Author

My name is Danielle Rose-West. I live in the United Kingdom with my family and my little dog, who is very much a part of the family. I have always been a dreamer and an incurable romantic with a vivid imagination. When I was a child, I was always reading. If anyone ever went looking for me, they usually found me curled up somewhere with a book! Most times when they spoke to me, I didn’t hear a word they said (my sister never believed me about this, but I honestly never heard her!). I was too wrapped up in the adventures I was reading.

When I was growing up, I wanted to be either an author or a librarian. I never made it as a librarian, but ended up in office work instead. It has taken a long time for me to finally realize my dream to write, but I’m finally here. I now write romance with a magical or suspenseful twist. I like things that have something a little out of the ordinary about them in both my reading and my writing preferences.

These days I spend most of my time plotting new books and characters as well as enjoying finding out where my characters are going to take me in the story. I don’t always know how everything will develop, sometimes they surprise me. Some of the things that happen in my books were unexpected surprises that suddenly hit me while I was writing or quite often when I was awake in the early morning hours. I love it when that happens. The whole book just comes together as if by magic!

When I’m not writing and plotting, I love to spend time with my husband and family. I love to read, of course, and to watch enjoyable films or TV. I also love walking. It’s great exercise and helps me clear my mind.

My biggest wish is to entertain my readers and leave them with happy hearts at the end of the book and a wistful sigh of romantic bliss. If I achieve that for them, I’m happy!


Links to locate the author and her work

Email: danielle.rosewest30@gmail.com

Blog: http://daniellerosewest.blogspot.co.uk/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Danielle-Rose-West/451370021626958

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DRoseWest

Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/daniellerosewes/pins/

Amazon Author Page US: https://www.amazon.com/author/daniellerosewest

Amazon Author Page UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Danielle-Rose-West/e/B00EF5GXSO


Other Books in The Fairy Tale Match Series

Wild Fire – Book 1

Forever You – Book 2

Books in the Haunted by the Past Series

Hidden in Shadows – Book 1

Shadow of Suspicion – Book 2

Join us tomorrow to learn more about Danielle Rose-West and her books. Danielle’s interview will publish on www.farmingdale.patch.com. In the meantime, enjoy an excerpt from Phoenix Rising – The Fairy Tale Match Book.

Excerpt from Phoenix Rising – The Fairy Tale Match Book

Her jaw dropped open and she stared at him disbelievingly. “You can’t be serious. You want me to be a fake girlfriend and lie to your grandmother? Why?”

He folded his arms over his chest. “You didn’t want to tell me why you were hanging from a window earlier, and I don’t want to tell you why I need you to do this.” He gazed at her with one eyebrow cocked. “I’ll stay out of your business if you stay out of mine.”

“It’s hardly the same thing!” she protested. “You expect me to lie for you. I should at least know why. It’s a despicable thing to pull the wool over your own grandmother’s eyes. I knew there had to be some reason why you’d joined a dating agency! It’s because of this, whatever this is, isn’t it?” She didn’t even wait for a reply. “Why am I not surprised?”

Her tone told him she expected nothing less from him. Rhys contemplated her reaction. She was unlikely to help him just because he’d saved her from that fall. He needed to sweeten the deal.

“I tell you what, you do this for me and I’ll not only call us even on the favour front, but I’ll pay you five grand if you pull it off. What do you say?”

She gaped at him and shook her head. “I have to have heard you wrong. Did you say you’d pay me five grand to be your fake girlfriend?”

“I did,” he confirmed, “but only if you are convincing enough that my grandmother believes it.”

Taylor stared into space. He could almost see the wheels whirling round in her head. “I’m not sure how comfortable I am with this. Do you guarantee me that this is nothing untoward? I don’t want to find out that I’ve helped you do something illegal or immoral.”

“You wound me with your lack of trust.” He clasped a hand to his chest.

She snorted. “Like I care. Well?”

“I can guarantee you that nobody will be hurt by this, nor are my reasons immoral or illegal.” He held out a hand. “Do we have an agreement?”

“How do I know that you’ll pay me? I could do everything you ask and then you could simply renege on the deal.” She ignored his hand and cast him a challenging glare.

Taylor obviously had severe trust issues. Rhys could relate. “I will pay you half in good faith, now. You will receive the other half when the task is complete. Sound fair?”

Taylor gazed at him for several moments. Her lips twisted to one side and she chewed on the corner of her mouth. Finally, she held out her hand. “Okay, you have a deal. God knows what I’m getting myself into, but I’ll do it.”



Would you like to step into the author spotlight?  I welcome you to contact me through my website: http://www.katie-mcknight-author.com or through Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/katiemcknightauthorpage.


Book Review: Muse (Descended from Myth: Book One)



Synopsis of Muse (Descended from Myth: Book One)

Brotherhood of the Guardians has existed for thousands of years to serve a single purpose: the protection of Talents, the mortal descendants of the original nine Muses.

Twenty-one year-old Daniel Lyoncourt has trained his entire life to join the Guardians. Daniel is prepared to risk his life in order to keep his Talent safe, but when he’s assigned to nineteen year-old Anna Saint-James, he discovers that his life isn’t the only thing he could lose. Anna has no idea how special she is and knows nothing about her abilities. He must teach her to control her gifts, keep her safe, and hope that he can find a place in her life as something more than just her bodyguard.

All power comes at a price. Like all Talents, Anna must one day make a choice: lose all of her powers, or ascend to a higher plane, leaving behind everyone she loves

Review By Katie McKnight

I received this book in exchange for an honest review. Daniel Lyoncourt trained his whole life to join the Guardians. At the same time, he promises himself not to place the Talent he’ll represent before his family. His father placed his Talent before the family, causing his mother to suffer a great deal of pain.

His promises die the moment he lays his eyes on Anna Saint-James. Not only is she beautiful, she is not aware of her abilities. Daniel promises to protect and teacher her at the same time. He also hopes their professional friendship will grow into a romantic relationship.

I understand Daniel’s feelings toward Anna, because I experienced the same feelings the moment I started reading Muse. The characters drew me in from the beginning. While the plot was fast-paced and compelling, I forced myself to read slowly so I could savor every word. I was sad to lose these characters when I read the last page and look forward to Book 2.

Links to Purchase Muse (Descended from Myth: Book One) by Erin McFadden

AMAZON: http://www.amazon.com/Muse-Descended-Myth-Erin-McFadden-ebook/dp/B00E3E8SCQ/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1385431677&sr=1-1&keywords=muse+descended+from+myth

DIESEL: http://www.diesel-ebooks.com/item/SW00000374831/McFadden-Erin-Muse-Descended-from-Myth-Book-One/1.html

APPLE/ITUNES: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/x/id743283059

BARNES AND NOBLE: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/muse-erin-mcfadden/1117391087?ean=2940045413619&itm=1&usri=2940045413619

SMASHWORDS: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/374831

Author Erin McFadden has a special gift for readers. This week you can purchase Muse (Descended from Myth: Book One)  for .99 cents. This sale won’t last long, get your copy today.

Erin McFadden, Author of Muse

Join us tomorrow to learn more about Erin.  She discusses the background of Muse and other projects she’s working on.  You’ll also learn the meaning behind this quote: “This is the way the world ends/ Not with a bang but a whimper”.  Erin’s interview will publish on http://www.farmingdale.patch.com on May 15, 2014.


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Book Review: Desert Son by Glenn Maynard

untitled (2)


Carter Spence is a 26 year-old accountant out of Boston who has an out-of-body experience following a car accident that kills his parents.  He views the chaos from above the scene of the accident, then passes through the tunnel and reunites with relatives who have long been dead. A woman he does not recognize approaches him and says, “Welcome, son.” Her message to him is that he needs to be aware of his true identity and should follow signs that will lead him there. She mentions mountains, but Carter is jolted back into his physical body before she can finish. After burying his parents, Carter heads west and meets a free-spirit named Brenda, whom he is drawn to on many levels. She becomes his travelling companion and leads him to Boulder, Colorado, and to an old white house of an old man named Martin. Diaries, hypnosis, and past-life regression reveal a bizarre connection between these three. Carter discovers that the truth to his identity can only be found by pursuing the answer to whether he is the reincarnation of his biological father in what is shaping up to be a love affair rekindled beyond the grave.


The author gave me a copy of Desert Son in exchange for an honest review.  My intention was to forward this book to one of my fellow readers, but the synopsis captivated me.  I requested an extension to read it myself.  The story begins shortly after a car accident.  Mr. Maynard did a fabulous job describing the accident through the eyes of the main character who left his body moments after the crash.  The next scene brings the reader to Heaven.  Again, the author’s writing style blanketed me in the warmth and love of Heaven.  I was just as disappointed as the Carter to return to earth.

The story is fast-paced, yet the settings are described perfectly. I imagined the long car ride and the house while reading.  It was enjoyable discovering this new author and recommend this book to anyone who enjoys fiction.

Link to Purchase:



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Eternal Press Valentine Blog Hop – Come Feel the Love

1601236_823052204376839_948399950_nWelcome to the Eternal Press Valentine Blog Hop! Readers have the opportunity to discover new books, converse with authors and WIN FREE E-BOOKS.

* Leave a comment and your email address anytime from February 9th through February 15th at 5 p.m. eastern time for a chance to win 1 of 3 grand prize packages of 7 e-books from the 20 fabulous and talented authors listed below.

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First stop:

secretsrevealedBroadway actress, Melanie O’Shaughnessy and her new husband, Hollywood heartthrob Ryan Carlisle, lived on opposite ends of the country a good part of the year. With their latest projects completed, they leave work, fans, and the paparazzi behind to enjoy an overdue holiday vacation.

When a secret from Melanie’s past brings the celebration to a horrifying halt, Melanie fears a public scandal. What she doesn’t realize, is someone in her life is masterminding a plan for murder.

Eternal Press has kicked in some swag for our wonderful hoppers and each author will be drawing for that awesome give away!

I hope you’ll show your love to the following authors.  Leave a comment for your chance to win our love in the form of free e-books!  Good luck!

Andie Lea

Barbara Winkes

Briana Lawrence

Em Epe
Somer’s Rising, Book 2 of the McRaidy Clan

Fiona McGier
For The Love Of His Life

Giana Bruno
The Journey

Jeremy E. Elwell

Katie McKnight
Secrets Revealed

Kimberly Tipton
Passion Surrender releasing 2014

KZ Riman
Kissing Another Grimaldi

Laura Dasnoit
Forgotten Legends

Linda Hays-Gibbs
Angel in My Heart, Devil in My Soul

Lisa Acerbo

M. Homer
Dare to Breathe

Rachel Robinson

Roberta Hoffer
Silent Heart

Rose Montague

Ross S. Simon
Red Dahlia

Stephanie O’Hanlon
Affaire de Coeur

Trisha Haddad
Deep Green

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Author Joe Evener is in the Fantasy Spotlight

profile (1)Joe Evener is the author of The Heart of Seras: Journey to Seras. Thank you for joining me today. Please tell us more about your fantasy series. This is book one of five. The series is about my main character, Julie Ayers, and her journey in learning that her teacher, Marcus Campbell, is a warrior from another dimension, he takes her to Seras, and begins preparing her to face the evil that threatens both Seras and Earth. She tries, often times unsuccessfully to balance her life on Earth as a high school student and on Seras as the prophesied savior of their world. Julie fails miserably at first but learns over time, how to overcome her doubts and fears with Marcus Campbell’s guidance.

Journey to Seras COVER

The book sounds intriguing. At what age were you when you discovered your passion for writing? My mom always encouraged me to read classical books. I had read Robin Hood, Ivanhoe, Treasure Island, The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, Robinson Crusoe, Gulliver’s Travels and a little Shakespeare by the time I was thirteen. My best friend, Willie, my brother, David, and I were always creating some kind of story, making our own comic book superheroes/villains, and using our imaginations. I wrote my first story in 4th grade, a little story called “Super Joe” in which I was a superhero and I was protecting the President of the United States. I got a pretty good response from my classmates and the teacher, so I wrote a sequel. In 10th or 11th grade I wrote a western (I wish I still had a copy). After that I thought a lot about writing, I even penned a movie script that never got picked up, when I was in my twenties, but I usually just left the stories in my head.

What is your day job? I am a 5th grade Language Arts/Social Studies teacher at Big Walnut Intermediate in Sunbury, Ohio. I have also been the head coach of the girls’ high school track and field team at Big Walnut for the past 20 years. That experience has really helped give my character, Julie, a voice and personality.

What else are you working on? I have just finished the rough (rough) draft of book two of The Heart of Seras series, The Elders. It covers Julie’s sophomore and junior years of high school, and the history of Seras through the eyes of the five Elders. I am also working on two stand-alone books, Kingdom of the Rose, which is a medieval story about a king struggling with impending war and love, the other is Seducing Lily, which is a much different book for me in terms of content, as the title suggests. I also have several other stories in the works as I find more time.

Readers love following their favorite authors, which social networking sites can fans find you? Please provide links.


Readers also enjoying getting to know the author on a personal level. I have a few personal questions for you. Would you please share an odd behavior you’ve picked up while writing? (An example: during intense scenes, my fingers pound the keyboard.) I’m not sure if it is odd or not, but I would be embarrassed if anyone caught me doing it, I act out my fight scenes in slow motion and record my body position in each movement, that way it is more realistic when I put it on paper.

It is strange, except to another author. I act out my scenes too. My family members have knocked on the office door several times wanting to know who I’m talking to. Now that I’ve insulted you, I have another question. If you had your own talk show, who would the first three guests be? Why? I love this question. I would say, Terry Bradshaw – while I’m not a Steelers fan (I’m a St. Louis Rams fan), I grew up admiring his talent and he is just hysterical on every interview I have watched; Justin Timberlake – this will not surprise my family or friends, I have a man-crush on J.T. and I’m not ashamed of it. He is a big time talent; and then, …Peter Jackson – while there are many other people I would prefer to interview over him, I would shamelessly try to have him turn my books into movies. I love his vision of the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit movies.

Joe, thank you for taking the time to speak with me. Before we end this portion of the interview, please provide links to your book.




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Paranormal Author Spotlight: Laura Dasnoit

laurapic2Author Laura Dasnoit steps into the paranormal spotlight with her novel Forgotten Legends. Welcome Laura, I am happy you joined me today. Tell me about Forgotten Legends.

Iris Borden is a private investigator who considers her life normal, well, aside from the dreams of Norse Gods. It is changed forever the day she is tricked by Death into becoming a soul collector. From that moment, she is propelled into a world she never imagined was possible.
Nightscape of Atlanta, Georgia skyline.

I love the synopsis. How long did it take you to write this book? It took three months.

Tell me about the publishing process. Was it easier or more difficult than you thought it would be? As I tell all new writers – the writing is the easy part. The steps to publish the book weed out those who think they want to be a writer and those who have the heart and the drive to be a writer.

What are your current projects? I am currently working on the final draft of a YA novel that is set in a new world of Grittle. Cap’n Xoey is a ten-year old who befriends the Tinkertons, a red-furry gnome, Ramos from Desert Town, and Hiddle who falls from the sky. They set on an adventure that is filled with steampunk gadgets, ninjas, and of course, battles in the sea and in the air!

Where can we find your book?

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