After sixteen years of dedicating every waking moment to the care of my three handsome sons, they have the nerve to grow older and desire independence. I know this is normal and most people embrace the end of early childhood. It makes me sad. With mommy-and-me classes and assisted play dates in the past, I searched for something to fill the quiet hours.

Several years ago, I discovered Facebook and used the site as my creative outlet. Friends teased that I should write a book. Little did they know they were speaking to a closet writer. I feared admitting this passion of mine for fear people would laugh.
It took another year before I gained the courage to admit to my family and friends that I had written a novel. To my delight, no one laughed. People embraced my passion and encouraged me to return to school and learn the craft.

In March 2013, Eternal Press, a division of Damnation Books, LLC offered to publish my suspenseful romance novel. Secrets Revealed will be available in paperback and e-book the beginning of August 2013.

Since March, I spend daytime hours pinching myself to ensure this life isn’t a dream. I hope that reality sets in soon because there are new characters running around my brain begging me to write their story. I hope these new characters will guide me in finding a college for my son, because that is our next adventure.

I welcome you to visit my webpage at Katie-McKnight-Author.com. While you’re visiting, grab your favorite beverage and look around. I hope you will enjoy my blog filled with the silly adventures I take with the wonderful people in my life. Don’t forget to check out the news section. It will provide information on the progress of my book, Secrets Revealed (published by Eternal Press – Summer 2013) and upcoming events.


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