Author Joe Evener is in the Fantasy Spotlight

profile (1)Joe Evener is the author of The Heart of Seras: Journey to Seras. Thank you for joining me today. Please tell us more about your fantasy series. This is book one of five. The series is about my main character, Julie Ayers, and her journey in learning that her teacher, Marcus Campbell, is a warrior from another dimension, he takes her to Seras, and begins preparing her to face the evil that threatens both Seras and Earth. She tries, often times unsuccessfully to balance her life on Earth as a high school student and on Seras as the prophesied savior of their world. Julie fails miserably at first but learns over time, how to overcome her doubts and fears with Marcus Campbell’s guidance.

Journey to Seras COVER

The book sounds intriguing. At what age were you when you discovered your passion for writing? My mom always encouraged me to read classical books. I had read Robin Hood, Ivanhoe, Treasure Island, The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, Robinson Crusoe, Gulliver’s Travels and a little Shakespeare by the time I was thirteen. My best friend, Willie, my brother, David, and I were always creating some kind of story, making our own comic book superheroes/villains, and using our imaginations. I wrote my first story in 4th grade, a little story called “Super Joe” in which I was a superhero and I was protecting the President of the United States. I got a pretty good response from my classmates and the teacher, so I wrote a sequel. In 10th or 11th grade I wrote a western (I wish I still had a copy). After that I thought a lot about writing, I even penned a movie script that never got picked up, when I was in my twenties, but I usually just left the stories in my head.

What is your day job? I am a 5th grade Language Arts/Social Studies teacher at Big Walnut Intermediate in Sunbury, Ohio. I have also been the head coach of the girls’ high school track and field team at Big Walnut for the past 20 years. That experience has really helped give my character, Julie, a voice and personality.

What else are you working on? I have just finished the rough (rough) draft of book two of The Heart of Seras series, The Elders. It covers Julie’s sophomore and junior years of high school, and the history of Seras through the eyes of the five Elders. I am also working on two stand-alone books, Kingdom of the Rose, which is a medieval story about a king struggling with impending war and love, the other is Seducing Lily, which is a much different book for me in terms of content, as the title suggests. I also have several other stories in the works as I find more time.

Readers love following their favorite authors, which social networking sites can fans find you? Please provide links.

Readers also enjoying getting to know the author on a personal level. I have a few personal questions for you. Would you please share an odd behavior you’ve picked up while writing? (An example: during intense scenes, my fingers pound the keyboard.) I’m not sure if it is odd or not, but I would be embarrassed if anyone caught me doing it, I act out my fight scenes in slow motion and record my body position in each movement, that way it is more realistic when I put it on paper.

It is strange, except to another author. I act out my scenes too. My family members have knocked on the office door several times wanting to know who I’m talking to. Now that I’ve insulted you, I have another question. If you had your own talk show, who would the first three guests be? Why? I love this question. I would say, Terry Bradshaw – while I’m not a Steelers fan (I’m a St. Louis Rams fan), I grew up admiring his talent and he is just hysterical on every interview I have watched; Justin Timberlake – this will not surprise my family or friends, I have a man-crush on J.T. and I’m not ashamed of it. He is a big time talent; and then, …Peter Jackson – while there are many other people I would prefer to interview over him, I would shamelessly try to have him turn my books into movies. I love his vision of the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit movies.

Joe, thank you for taking the time to speak with me. Before we end this portion of the interview, please provide links to your book.

Readers can join us at for a continuation of Joe Evener’s interview. Thank you for joining us today.

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