Sharon Wheater is in the Author Spotlight

sharonbookFantasy writer Sharon Wheater is in the author spotlight today.  She is here to discuss the upcoming release of the second book in her fantasy series.  Book Two The Art of Magic Realm of the Northern Castle is scheduled for release later this month.  This book is the follow up book to her novel The Art of Magic, Realm of the Castles (pictured above), released in November 2013.

Hi Sharon, welcome into the Author’s Spotlight.  Congratulations on the upcoming release of your second novel. Writers grow with each book they write.  Please share something you learned along the way. What you write drastically changes when you edit!  I also learned that I am not as good at spelling as I first thought!

I cannot imagine writing without spell check and thesaurus.  Please tell us about the fantasy series you’ve written.  It is not set in any particular time, but is based on candlelight rather than electricity.  A young girl is snatched from her home at age ten and held captive in cells deep inside a cliff cave, along with hundreds of others.  The tale follows her fight for survival and quest for the truth.  She narrates the first half of chapter one. During this time, she describes her capture. The story continues at the rescue point when she is age seventeen.

Her whole life turns out to be a lie. She has to find out the truth, but everyone around her is cagey and avoids her questions.  She becomes best friends with two elite guards who teach her to fight. She is afraid of Commander Sabien Campbell,  a dark, mysterious and gorgeous man who is also dangerous.

It follows her life and the antics of the two soldiers Seb and Alex, whom are extremely comical.  Although it is fantasy, it is also action packed; filled with mystery, drama and comedy.  Each time you think you’ve figured out what will happen next, twists and turns surprise you.

I won’t say too much about the second book because I don’t want to give the plot away, but, it is a battle that gets out of hand.

 Suspense!  I love it.  How did you come up with the idea? I was talking online with my best friend, Michelle Keena. We were discussing books we read and she challenged me to write a short story, so I did. Her encouragement led me to continue until I completed Realm of the Castles.  I wrote the first draft in two weeks. A few people read the whole story, enjoyed it and pushed me into publishing.  Fans are eager for the reason of book two!

So I have Michelle to thank.

 There is nothing better than a best friend who encourages you.  It is fantastic that your book has already gained a fan base.  So far I have had some great reviews of the first book; people say ‘I wasn’t expecting that’. The book has done well.  I have a wicked sense of humor, so my books reflect it and people seem to really like that.

 sharonpicSo tell me about this sense of humor.  Who is Sharon Wheater?  I vowed never to grow up!  I am 41 going on four. Recently something happened to me that others found hilarious. I didn’t…at first.  I was building my author website and uploaded a picture of myself for the first page. I received notice that the picture was offensive, inappropriate and my account was frozen….IT WAS A PICTURE OF ME!!!! Nothing rude. I wore a top and trousers and stood on the roof terrace at the in-laws place. How dare they! We had guests in the house and I went off on a tangent of how they dare insult me…blah blah, only to realize everyone was laughing their heads off and posting the story on Facebook and their twitter pages…I mean…come on!!  I was abused for weeks. My best friend Michelle still gets mileage out of it.

 You certainly have a great sense of humor.  I hear that your introduction to writing wasn’t as humorous.  What happened to your first manuscript?  In the early 90’s, I typed a great book on a typewriter. The manuscript was 900 pages long, however, I had a hideous husband at the time and he threw it all in the fire.  I gave up writing after that for a while, but remained in the back of my mind.  Eventually, I returned to writing and am pleased that finally I managed to get my words printed and ready to sell.  I still remember that book. I will write it again, so look out for The Appleton Chronicles.  It will be published one day!

Where can we find your books? You can find them on in both paperback and Kindle, and soon on my website, which is being built as we speak.

If you would like to learn more about Sharon and her books, please follow us to for more of the interview.


Katie McKnight is the author of the suspenseful-romance novel Secrets Revealed. For more on Katie, her book or to learn how you can sit in the author spotlight, please visit or


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