Review of Sweet Violent Femmes


In this dark and disturbing collection, Kothe explores themes of the damaged, the devious, and the deranged heroine, and examines the consequences of pushing the female heart one step too far.

The Glass Room
An American girl maintaining her comfortable Parisian lifestyle as a high-end brothel escort faces off with a mysterious client whose sadistic dependencies threaten her livelihood.

After a passionate quarrel with her conflicted lover, a woman realizes that the best kind of relationships is the eternal kind. Sometimes the man just needs a little push …

Seeing Black
A lonely librarian nursing a broken heart gathers liquid courage in preparation for her sister’s visit, and struggles with a peculiar ailment she’s had since puberty.

Feminist Theory

A troubled but diligent chemistry student reacts to the unsavory intentions of a predatory psychology professor.

Review of Sweet Violent Femmes
I received this book in exchange for an honest review. “Sweet Violent Femmes” is a collection of twisted, dark stories. For years I searched for a novel that caused my heart rate to race and had me looking over my shoulder at the dark shadows in my dimly-lit reading room. Until I discovered Holly Kothe’s novel, horror stories did not live up to my expectations.

Ms. Kothe is a talented writer who draws the reader into the story. Her protagonists got under my skin, causing me to despise the antagonists who hurt them. While I routed for the women in each story, their revenge caused goose bumps to form on my arms. The first two stories had me tossing and turning the entire night. You cannot put this book down; therefore, I do not suggest you start reading it on a work night.

Ms. Kothe could cause Stephen King to have nightmares. She wrote a fast-paced story without adding the “writing fluff” that causes books to drag on. A fantastic read. I will follow this author and look forward to her next twisted book.

hollyMeet the Author
Holly M. Kothe is a freelance short story writer and novelist from Cincinnati, Ohio. She holds a BA in English and creative writing from Southern New Hampshire University and works as an editor for The Oddville Press. Visit her blog, A Little Literary, (a Lotta Coffee) at:





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