M.K.Theodoratus is in the Fantasy Author Spotlight!


Welcome back for our next Author Spotlight.

Today’s author wrote the fantasy novel, Taking Vengeance.  In Spring 2014, The Grumpy Dragon will release her YA urban fantasy novel There Be Demons.

Welcome M.K.   Theodoratus.  I am excited to learn more   about you and your novels.  Since Taking Vengeance is available for download now, let’s  discuss that novel. kaypic

Taking Vengeance is a novella that takes place just before a Far Isle Half-Elven novel –   Dark Solstice – now being considered by The Grumpy Dragon.  It   highlights the estrangement between Mariah, the instigator of the Half-Elven   Rebellion against genocide, and Linden – the ruler of the Marches and former   lover of Mariah’s and the half-brother of her partner, Ashton.

Logline:    Mariah’s awash in loneliness after Ashton, her ring-mate, goes to spy on   their southern enemies. When sea raiders attack their daughter’s family,   Mariah and Ashton go hunting for vengeance – only to discover the raiders   wield a strange new magic that threatens the Marches.  It’s up on   Amazon, Smashwords, and Nook.

What   can you tell us about your main characters?

My main characters are Mariah, Ashton, and Linden,   grew up together. As striplings [teens] they started the Rebellion against   the genocide of magic workers by religious fanatics when they started   protecting refugee families fleeing to the northern wilds of the   Suderlands.  The trio later become known as Heroes of the Rebellion or   just “the Heroes”. In their youth, the brothers shared Mariah’s bed before   Linder drifted off to partner with another.

Four hundred years later, Mariah and Linden are   estranged after fighting over how the Marches should be ruled. Linden prefers   a traditional feudal approach, giving preference to those who can work magic.   Mariah is more egalitarian since non-magical humans raised her. She has   withdrawn from politicks, concentrating on administering her holding and   working as a healer where needed.

Mariah   was a founding, discovered hopping through the snow in her swaddling clothes.   She is taken to the orphanage where children with magical abilities were   taken by the Suthrons and raised until they are seven, when the authorities   burned them at the stake. She is rescued by her foster parents who fled with   her to the North, where she grows up near the steading near the Elf Lord   Teemon and his family.

Teemon is an elf who was stranded on the human   planes when the portal between the elf and human lands was closed. He had two   sons, Linden and Ashton, with two sisters who lived beyond the borders of the   Suderlands in the Wilds.

The three children become playmates as soon as   they learn to transfer [travel using magic] by themselves. Linden was the   favored elder son, and Ashton grew up under a cloud because Linden’s mother   insisted he was weak because he had six fingers. Linden grew up to become the   more conservative brother while Ashton questioned most everything, except his   love for Mariah.

What are your current projects?

I’m working on two novellas or one novel about the   beginnings of the Marches – Forbidden Fruit — starting when Teemon is   stranded on the human planes after the Elf Queen orders the main portals   closed and ending when Mariah, Ashton, and Linden begin rescuing refugees   from the Suderlands, against Teemon’s wishes.  Plus I’m keep getting   interrupted on the edits for Black Tail’s War, the sequel to Troublesome Neighbors.

My other main project is edits on There Be Demons,   my YA urban fantasy novel to be published by The Grumpy Dragon in Spring   2014. The Dragon wants a sequel, but I’m dithering on a villain. Did demons.

Then there’s the novels about Mariah’s   granddaughter, Kerry, who appears for the first time in Dark Solstice.

Just to be silly, what is your favorite snack when writing?

Coffee. Yeah, I’m   addicted to the writer’s drug of preference. The mess at my computer table   doesn’t allow any room for more conventional snacking.

Before we end the interview, Readers love following their favorite authors, which   social networking sites can fans find you?  Please provide links.

I   waste waaaaay too much time on social media, but I enjoy the people I have connected with.

Author   Website – http://www.mktheodoratus.com

Dedicated   Far Isles Half-Elven Website – http://www.half-elven.com

Twitter   –  https://twitter.com/kaytheod

Facebook   Author Page – https://www.facebook.com/pages/M-K-Theodoratus/235376633158175?ref=hl

Facebook   Far Isles Half-Elven Page – https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Far-Isles-Half-Elven/100514986718681?ref=hl

Google+   – https://plus.google.com/u/0/114959381917569899950/posts

Goodreads   – http://www.goodreads.com/user/show/5478544-m-k-theodoratus

Thank you for joining me.  I wish you a wonderful holiday season.  Best of luck in 2014 with your upcoming   novel There Be Demons.


Katie McKnight is the author of Secrets Revealed . For more information on Author Spotlights, Katie or her novel, you can find her at www.katie-mcknight-author.com or www.facebook.com/katiemcknightauthorpage. secretsrevealed


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