Bullying – The Importance of Early Awareness

Bullying is a devastating situation for a child and a heart-wrenching experience for a parent. I suffered at the hands of a bully during middle school. I also spent a year crying over my son’s painful experience.

There were times I wished my son and I could undergo a “Freaky Friday” situation (similar to the movie). This way I could stand up to the bully and end the problem for him. That’s an unrealistic fantasy. It’s important for parents to support their children and teach them how to navigate the problem. We must reassure children that they are loved. Help them understand that suicide is never the answer.

I regret not discussing the topic of bullying with my son before it became a problem. By the time I shared the statistics and facts, he felt worthless and alone. He believed the information was lies I created to help him feel better about himself and the situation. Why didn’t I think to discuss the effects of bullying when he was younger? Why did I ignore this epidemic until it touched our lives? I foolishly believed my child’s outgoing, funny personality protected him. He’s a popular kid. He has no worries. Well, I was wrong. It can happen to anyone.

I researched different aspects of bullying and plan to share the information through this weekly blog. I am not a specialist on this topic. I am just a mom who wants a better life for children — yours and mine.

Prevention begins at home. Let’s work together.

Next Topic: Signs your child may be a bully.


2 thoughts on “Bullying – The Importance of Early Awareness

  1. I grew up in a home with my bully. He was a close relative. I spend many years and time working on ways of avoiding his bully tactics. This is a conversation that needs to happen! Thanks for creating your blog.

    • No child deserves to be bullied. It is even more painful when the abuse is at home. I hope this blog reaches the families who need to hear they are not alone. I am adding my second installment now. You are forever in my thoughts and prayers. I wish you the very best.

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