Oh, the places we go and the things we should know

calfMy family and I are in Gettysburg this week on vacation. Today we visited the Perrydell Dairy Farm in York, PA. Despite our late arrival time, the friendly farm staff accommodated us. I appreciated their kindness considering I checked my brain before arriving.

To prevent this wonderful family of farmers from dealing with anyone like me in the future, I provided a list of mistakes to avoid when visiting a dairy farm.

A piece of advice from a ding dong who has been there.

When visiting a dairy farm, DON’T:

(1)wear flip flops; (2) arrive at 6:30 pm and pout that farm work ended; (3) express disgust when a farmer and potential farmer discuss raising cows and slaughtering them for meat*; (4) ask the farmer what time you must arrive to bottle feed the calves and then laugh when he says 6:30 a.m.; (5) turn to your children and say, “We have to get up early tomorrow if we’re going to arrive in time for the noon feeding.” (6) Complain when mud splatters on the white-and-cream-colored skirt you wore to the farm (please be mud); (7) announce ‘that you could get used to farm life’, when the only thing you did on the farm was pet the cows; and (8) tell the farmer you have to step away for a few minutes to buy the last shoo-fly pie in the store.

Finally, if you want to make a calf’s day, pet her neck. They all love it.

Thank you Perrydell Farm for a great visit!

*Perrydell Farm is a dairy farm. They do not slaughter calves for veal. Their cows are milking cows.

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2 thoughts on “Oh, the places we go and the things we should know

  1. This is so funny as I grew up on a farm and know exactly what you are talking about. Yes, you have to get up early. No, that is not mud!! Flip flops – oohey gooey!! Try again!! When you want a drink of milk, you just squirt it toward your mouth! Enjoy your visit to Gettsyburg. One of the ladies living here grew up there. She went back for a reunion and then told us all about how it use to be and how it is now. Uncle Bob and I were there once but I only saw it as a tourist trap and not for what it really meant. Our neighbors on Rio Lane use to take their family there every year. They really enjoyed it and learned the history behind it.

    • I didn’t know you grew up on a farm. We returned today to feed the baby calves. The brother took time out of his day to speak with us once again. We have yet to go to the battlefield. You are right, it is a tourist trap. We went to the shops the other day. Most of the places push ghost tours.

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