My Pet Peeves with Social Networking

computerI am a social networking junkie!  I admit it.  Reading posts published by friends and family is enjoyable.  It is a great way to stay connected with people you do not see on a regular basis.   While social networking has positive aspects, it has negative points too.  One of my pet peeves is when a subscriber posts a status such as this:

I had the most horrifying thing happen to me today.  My life is forever changed.

Forty-nine people respond to this status wanting details.  In response, the initial poster either provides the information to select friends through private message or she simply tells everyone, it is a matter she does not wish to discuss.  Are you kidding me?  I will never borrow a mystery novel from this person for fear the last two chapters will be removed.   I wonder how many of the people who responded, praying for you, really wanted to write WTF.

Another pet peeve is when people substitute social networking sites for medical and legal advice.  I recently joined an online group run by moms living in my state.  After three days of the absurd comments posted on this page, I wanted to call social services in every county to ensure the safety of the children these women are raising.  Rather than write paragraphs describing their posts, I am going to post three questions I came across, followed by my response.

Question 1:  Submitted by Lucy*:

My first child is due to be born any day now.  My husband works an hour from home and wanted to take vacation this week so he wouldn’t risk missing the birth.  Unfortunately, his co-worker is on vacation so he can’t stay home.  For the past three hours I have suffered with severe stomach cramps and my back hurts too (I’ll spare you the gross things).  I now have the urge to push.  Should I call my husband?

Question 2: Submitted by Joannie*:

My husband works nights.  It infuriates him when the kids and I disturb his daytime nap.  Here is my problem.  Our garage is on fire!  It is not attached to the house.  There is approximately four feet of space between our house and the garage.  I can’t decide if I should wake him or let him sleep.

Site user:  Get off the computer and leave your house!

Joannie:  LOL.  I’m on my smartphone.  The kids and I are standing across the street waiting for the fire department to arrive.

Question 3:  Submitted by Alice*

I have been married for 15 years and hate my husband.  We have six children together and not enough money to pay for a divorce.  The only way I can get out of this marriage is to kill him.  Someone please talk me out of it.

My response to Alice:

Alice, life is too short to think about divorce and murder.  If you want out of your marriage I suggest you arrange for your husband to sleep at Joannie’s house and put Lucy in charge of placing emergency calls.

I then unsubscribed from the page.

** The stories and name have been altered to protect the truly stupid.


Katie McKnight is the author of Secrets Revealed, a suspenseful-romance novel.  For more information on Katie or Secrets Revealed please go to or


3 thoughts on “My Pet Peeves with Social Networking

    • Thank you Rhonda,

      I usually respond quicker than I have over the past few weeks. We are on vacation (camping) and are sharing the internet. Only one person can use it at a time. By the time it is my turn, I have enough time to check Facebook before my face drops on to the keyboard of my computer in exhaustion. Thank you for your kind words. Please send me the link to your blog. I love reading blogs. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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