Medicate me – I can’t handle the teenage years

There was a time I thought potty training was the most difficult task for a parent. I was a parent for five minutes, what did I know?

Then came pre-school.  The thought of leaving my child in the hands of a teacher horrified me.  How would she give him the attention he required when she had so many other children to care for?  She managed and so did his elementary school teachers.

Before I knew it, we entered the middle school age.  My concerns about middle school were spot on. It is the worst experience.  I hated middle school as a child and still hate it as a parent.

Nothing could prepare me for today.  It is the first time I allowed my son to ride in a car driven by his teenaged friend.  How do parents relax when their child is driving around town in the hands of another TEENAGER?

Part one of me wants to follow the car.  Part two considered moving my son to a deserted island. Part three threatens to medicate the first two parts.  Does it get easier? My question to parents of teenagers: How do you cope without driving your child crazy?



Katie McKnight is the author of Secrets Revealed.  The release date for her suspenseful-romance novel is August 1.  You can learn more about Katie and her novel at  Secrets Revealed can be purchased through its publisher at


10 thoughts on “Medicate me – I can’t handle the teenage years

  1. Hang in there! You will survive. Just another book in the making!! Love you and know you will survive the teen age years. Aunt Doris

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