Back In Time

DSC00862Up until five years ago, summertime days meant enjoying activities with family and friends. We traveled to New York City, bowled on Thursdays (the boys played on a league) and attended weekly movie days. It was easier then. The boys had similar interests and outings with mom were not embarrassing. I didn’t have to remind the boys that every other child in our neighborhood has their own set of parents. None of the children I know supports themselves.

Things have changed. The boys are older and plan their own activities with friends. Adventures with their mom are painful for them now. Most times my oldest son doesn’t join us. Even the middle guy is resistant.

Therefore, you can imagine my surprise when all three boys expressed interest in seeing Monsters University. The original movie, Monsters, Inc., was a favorite of our family, so everyone is anxious to see the prequel. I don’t imagine too many high school boys plan to attend a cartoon together. Pixar movies will forever remain family events.

This morning, I sit at my desk updating my blog; giddy for our trip to the movie theater today — just my boys and me.


Katie McKnight is the author of the upcoming novel, Secrets Revealed. The suspenseful-romance novel will be released on August 1, 2013. Visit her Facebook page, to win prizes and learn more about the release of her book.


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