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Would you tell the readers a little bit about the book you’re promoting?

My suspenseful-romance novel is entitled Secrets Revealed. The story is about a Broadway actress named Melanie O’Shaughnessy and her new husband, Hollywood heartthrob Ryan Carlisle.  Work obligations force the young couple to live on opposite ends of the country a good part of the year. With their latest projects completed, they leave work, fans and the paparazzi behind to enjoy an overdue holiday vacation.

When a secret from Melanie’s past brings the celebration to a horrifying halt, Melanie fears a public scandal.  What she doesn’t realize, is someone in her life is masterminding a plan for murder.

The release date for Secrets Revealed is August 1, 2013.  I am proud to announce that Eternal Press is my publisher.  Secrets Revealed will be available in paperback and e-book.

How did you come up with the idea for this book? 

I had a 30-second, one-scene dream about a woman visiting her in-laws and not being able to shower without interruption.  This dream haunted me during waking hours for months.  The character grew into a real fictional person and so did the people around her.  I typed my thoughts on paper and 300 pages later had a novel.

To most people, this experience sparks insanity rumors.  Thankfully, author groups confirm it is a normal occurrence for writers.  That short dream opened the flood gates for other characters to demand their stories be written.  If you see me around town speaking to myself, no need to lock me up.  I am having conversations with fictional characters.  Yes, I know they are not real people.

What can you tell us about your main characters?

I have often wondered how actors and actresses feel when their private lives are splashed across magazines covers. That is most likely the reason I decided on their career choice.  While my protagonist and her husband are successful actors, they are a down-to-earth couple, who I feel readers will relate to.  At the same time, this story gives an inside look into the pain public the characters must suffer when their secrets are revealed.

What actors or actresses would you like to play your characters if it were made into a movie?

Melanie O’Shaugnessy:  Hayden Panettiere

Ryan Carlisle:                Robert Pattinson

 Now for a little fun, here are some things that the readers might want to know about you.

Choose an answer from these questions. (Place xx by answer or fill in blank)

1. If you could live anywhere, would you rather live?

a. in the mountains

b. at the beach

c. in the country    xxx

2. What would you prefer?

a. salty foods

b. sweets xxx

c. both

3. If you were stranded on a desert island, what is one thing you couldn’t live without?

The one thing I couldn’t live without is my I Pad.  If it cleaned houses, sorted socks and made dinner, it would be the perfect gift.  Still, it is pretty close to perfection.

4. Choose one of these books.

a. Pride and Prejudice

b. Alex Cross

c. Twilight

d. Snow White and the Huntsman

e. The Shining XXX

5. Which word most suits you?

a. crazy

b. funny  xxx (my husband says he never met someone who cracks themselves up as much as I do.)

c. carefree

d. studious

e. anxious xxx (excited and nervous for launch day)

6. Tell me something about yourself that might be funny to others? (other than writing)

This is an embarrassing (but funny) story.   Last week my son’s school held their annual book fair. My son is a typical teenaged boy in that he does not enjoy reading.  We have a bookcase filled with six-shelves of books my children have never read.

This year my son informed me he did not want to purchase a book.  In turn I did not send him to school with money.   Before I go any further, I must add that I am the co-president of the PTA and the PTA runs book fair.

I received a text from Tina, the book fair chairperson and a friend of mine.  She said my son hung around the register looking like a lost puppy, prompting her to question his sad demeanor. He told her he wanted to buy a book, but I refused him the money.

I am promoting the release of my upcoming book to everyone and anyone who will listen.  So, you can imagine how embarrassing it was to receive a text that read:  Hi famous author. Why are you denying your son money for reading material?  

7. Which group of words explain what you are like the most?

a. fly by the seat of your pants

b. drama queen

c. don’t sweat the small stuff

d. footloose and fancy free.

e. Too tightly wound

f.  Princess in her own mind xxx

For more information on the upcoming release of Secrets Revealed, follow me on Facebook or Twitter.  Information has been provided at the end of this blog.

While we wait for the August 2013 release date of my novel, I invite you to check out novels written by my fellow authors.   Happy reading!

Bonnie D Tharp- http://bdtharp.com

Christine Rice- http://christinerice-author.com/blog/

Divon Delgado- http://www.divonville.com

Cinta García de la Rosa- http://authorsyouwanttoread.wordpress.com

Tracy Kauffman- http://tracykauffman.blogspot.com

Julianne Grider- http://www.jpgrider.com/jps-blog.html

Ruthie Derby- http://www.madisonpost.wordpress.com

Catalina Egan-  http://4covert2overt.blogspot.com/

Jack Strandburg- http://jstrandburg.wordpress.com

Kathryn Williams-Platt-  http://kathrynwilliamsplatt.blogspot.com

Katie McKnight:

Facebook:  Katie Mcknight, Author page

Twitter:  KatieMc3boys

Website:  www.Katie-mcknight-author.com

Publisher – Eternal Press:  www.eternalpress.biz


8 thoughts on “2013 Blog Hop

  1. Such fun answers, I too am the mother of a teen and your story cracked me up. best of luck with your new release. Great answers I love how your character ‘visited’ you and induced you to write.

    • Thank you very much. This Blog Hop was so much fun. It introduced me to many new authors. I love to read as much as I love to write. Do you have a Facebook page that I can follow you? If not, I will save your site to my favorites. Have a great day.

  2. Katie your blog is excellent. You gave us a snatch of your story and that should make people want to get the book and read the rest of the story. You have a wonderful gift and don’t let anyone or anything stop you from obtaining your dreams. We are so very proud of you and let Secrets Revealed be the first of your many books. Love Mom and Dad.


    • HI Sally,

      I was on Eternal’s site looking at books today and pulled up one of yours. I could not believe I never put two and two together. My children have your books on their bookshelf and I have sold many during our school book fair! How fantastic!

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